Write up from Mathew Lamont – Santa Cruz Paddlefest

I recently travelled to Santa Cruz California for the 32nd Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest. This was a brilliant event with loads of great waves and people.

The competition was fierce, with every heat tightly contested. On the Friday I came away with 2nd place putting me into a reasonably strong position going into Saturday, I then won my Saturday heat to put myself into finals day. The semi finals held on Sunday morning were brilliant with loads of good waves coming through. I was stoked to come out of my heat with the win and get myself a place in the final. During the final, it wasn’t quite as big or sunny as earlier in the day, but I gave it my best shot and came away from the final in 3rd place.

I had a great time at the competition. The brilliant sunshine, people and waves, I couldn’t have asked for a better time in Santa Cruz. I was ecstatic to come away with 3rd place at such a tough event and will definitely be coming back for more.


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