World Championships 2015


CANI athlete’s Jake Cochrane, Elliott Davidson, Cade Ryan and Hannah Craig have spent the last 10 days in London preparing to take part in the Senior World Championships in Canoe Slalom.

Today marked the end of training and the beginning of the competition, a challenging course has been set that will see some quick racing.

You can follow the results live on the Planet Canoe Youtube or Canoe Live Results Page for all the latest news from London.

Hannah Craig is up first on Wednesday 16th September at 11:32am

Jake Cochrane follows her on Thursday 17th September at 10:40am

On Friday 18th September the K1 Men take to the water with:

Elliott Davidson  at 10:59am

Cade Ryan at 11:00am

This is the first qualification event for the Olympic games in 2016 so we wish all those competing the best of luck and look forward to some great racing in the coming few days.

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