Women in Coaching

After running a successful project last year in conjunction with Sport NI, for women in coaching, CANI have developed a second coach development and mentoring programme for female coaches within in clubs in Northern Ireland.

The aims of the programme are to engage, develop, support and increase the profiles of up to twelve female coaches of all levels in paddle sport in relation to coaching. We will do this by running a programme, where twelve female coaches will be able to;

  • Develop a coaching philosophy
  • Create and manage an effective coaching environment
  • Develop an understanding of themselves and others
  • Develop mentoring and non-technical coaching skills
  • Develop critical reflection skills
  • Better understand team dynamics
  • Build and understand a resilience to impact performance
  • Create a ‘community of practise learning environment’
  • Better understand change of management as well as the impact of change

The programme will commence on the 13th January 2018 and run through to March 2018, each month will have a full day set aside to develop the above, alongside an additional two days for mentoring and support.

Dates for programme

  • Saturday 13th January 2018
  • Saturday 10th February 2018
  • Saturday 3rd March 2018

Whilst participating on the programme, aims of the coaches would be to engage and develop eight new female paddlers within their clubs.

We have designed this programme with Jo Hopkins from Performance Matters NI, who will be the facilitator of the programme, this has brought a higher level of professionalism in to the programme in both its development and delivery stages.

This programme boasts strong outcomes for females in paddlesport, as it will once again bring women and girls together to work on a project which will support their development and will improve and empower them as coaches, as well as opening up their coaching pathways

To get involved in this fantastic programme, please contact Rodger Hamilton; rodgerghamilton@cani.org.uk.