Winter Paddling: Top 10 Tips for Paddling During The Winter

Winter paddling can look uninviting to say the least. Cold weather, rain, snow, early nights and limited daylight in general. But paddling through winter can be absolutely beautiful and very rewarding. You just need to consider a few more things before you head out. To help you keep paddling through winter, Go Paddling have published their top 10 tips for paddling during the winter. These are:

  1. Wear appropriate clothing.
  2. Make sure your boat is as watertight as possible.
  3. Think about using foam blocks and sheets.
  4. Always carry a dry bag.
  5. Warm-up before paddling.
  6. Plan your trip ahead.
  7. Think about the length of your session.
  8. Check the weather forecast prior to paddling.
  9. Always carry a means to call for help.
  10. Remember how much daylight we get.

Another thing to be aware of is Cold Water Shock. This can happen at any time of the year and it is the body’s reaction to a sudden change in temperature. To find out more information about this in an article published by RNLI, click here.

To view these tips in more detail, click the following link which will direct you to the Go Paddling article.

Woman kitted up ready to paddle in the winter months

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