Volunteer Now – Goldmark Millennium Volunteers Award Programme

Volunteer Now is the lead organisation for promotion, development and support of volunteering across Northern Ireland. Our work enhances recognition for the contribution volunteers make.

Millennium Volunteers (MV) is a Northern Ireland-wide programme that has been developed to provide organisations with a tool to recruit, retain, support and recognise volunteers aged between 14 and 25. The programme is backed by the Department of Education and allows young volunteers to get a certificate recognising their contribution to volunteering after their first 50, 100 and 200 hours of volunteering.

GOLDMARK -Millennium Volunteers is the name attributed to the programme when being run through sporting bodies and clubs to recognise young volunteers within Sport.
Current delivery partners incude the IFA, Ulster Rugby, Ulster Hockey, Fencing Ireland and the GAA to name just a few.

CANI have now signed up to deliver the GOLDMARK – Millennium Volunteers awards programme and will soon disseminate more information from Volunteer Now on how clubs can get involved and how the programme works.

To read more about MV in the meantime follow this link to Volunteer Now website.

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