Updating Your CPD

In 2020, British Canoeing Awarding Body introduced a NEW supportive points based CPD process. Aligned with our Educational Philosophy, CPD is now individualised, allowing the Instructor, Coach and Leader to consider what areas they may need to develop.

This process is simple, easy to upload and gives you the opportunity to recognise all of your learning and development, regardless of the source. This includes BCAB training courses and awards, online webinars or community of practice events, reading books or listening to podcasts. This new system supports you to choose the learning that is right and relevant to your development.

To help you identify areas for your development you could choose to use the Coach Self-Analysis tool or Leader and Raft Guide Self-Analysis Tool to signpost you to courses, and other learning resources for you to consider.

Depending on your individual development needs, the BCAB Digital Library includes a whole host of resources to support your CPD, from eLearning, to podcasts, as well as magazine articles and audiobooks. The Open University also offers a range of FREE courses and have recently launched a new course specific to training for speed and power. Strength and conditioning is the physical preparation of athletes and this course will explore the physiology of speed, before looking at training methods to develop speed. It will also look at power, which is a concept closely related to speed.

For more details on the CPD process, read this news article or watch this short video

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