Updated documents on the CANI Website

There are a number of updated documents on the CANI Website this month

BCU reasonable adjustments policy
The document is for coaches and course providers to give guidance on how they can best support disabled people to achieve the greatest of their potential in paddlesport.
The document details what are appropriate modifications or adjustments that can be made to personal performance, leadership and coaching qualifications. For further information please follow link for BCU Reasonable Adjustments Policy.

New FSRT Logbook
Note to providers and candidates completing FSRT Provider Logbook.
Part 3 in the logbook, Endorsement of FSRT Provider Skills is to be completed by an up-to-date Home Nation FSRT Provider. The authorising provider must have delivered at least 3 courses and have attended BCU FSRT Moderation (both within the last 3-years) or have prior approval from the Home Nation Officer. In order to make the final recommendation the provider must have observed your competence through the delivery of a full BCU FSRT course. Please follow link for FSRT Provider Logbook

3 Star Open Canoe
Please be advised that the BCU 3 star syllabus, training and assessment notes have been updated to version 3-1, effective immediately. Please follow link for updated 3 Star Open Canoe Documents. The key updates aim to provide clarity to the specific assessment environment for the different technical elements, and also clarity around what is expected as on-side and off-side stroke work.

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