Update on the CANI Consultation

CANI are currently two years into the current development plan and will continue delivering it until March 2017.

We are now at the start of the planning stage of the 2017 – 2021 strategy and would like to involve all members, non-members and stakeholders at this early stage.

In previous years CANI have created a strategy to align with the priorities of our funders however we want the 2017-2021 strategy to be written to reflect the feedback received and the proposed direction of our members and stakeholders.

CANI are focused on creating a strategy that will develop canoeing to become a high profile watersport in Northern Ireland with a greater participation and performance population.

Members of CANI council and the staff team have just finished consultations with the majority of the CANI clubs.

The online survey for all members to complete is now closed and we are now starting to write a draft strategy which will be complete by September.

If you would like to discuss the draft strategy contact Ashley Hunter on 02890738884 or email ashleyhunter@cani.org.uk

More detail on the stages of the development of our new strategy are available on the main 2017-2021 consultation page

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