Ulster Canoe Polo – The end of a competitive season

Ulster Canoe Polo have had a very busy season with events in NI and further afield. The teams competed in The NW league in England winning the Division 1 competition with a U21 team. The U16 team came in 7 th in the Div2 a strong finish playing against adults and other development teams, 2 different Ulster U18 teams then won Both the British and Irish Club Championships.  The summer saw Ulster u16 team win division 3 at the London International Championship and development teams played at both London and Hull. 
Three Ulster Athletes (Zeke Wilson , Caleb Boden, Fergal Mcconvey) got selected to represent Ireland at U21 level at the world championship in Canada. Finishing 11 out of 15. The three athletes made a firm mark as international athletes. 

The High light of the year saw Ulster host a U18Club Champions League in Belfast with Teams travelling from 8 countries to fight for the title of European Club Champions atU18. Ulster U18 finished 3 Rd narrowly behind French Champions Suisse Normande and Canoteirre Rome , Italian Champions. Ulster U16 Team finished 9 th in a total field of 12 . 

Most recently 36 athletes in 6 teams traveled to Kilcock in Kildare to play at the Irish Open. Ulster finished 3 Rd in Divisions 1 2 and 3 but our U14 team won the Junior Division finishing the Competition Unbeaten. 
The Club will now prepare For the GB National League in The Winter and the Junior World Championship in 2019 in Belfast. 

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