Surf Kayak and Waveski Talent ID Squad

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Aims of the Programme

To support and prepare paddlers in order to transition through to the CANI Development Squad and longer term to represent  Northern Ireland in Surf Kayak or represent UK or Ireland within Waveski.

Methods of the Programme

The programme will achieve the aims by:

  • Providing a programme of training days to develop technical competencies and surf skills for use in surf kayak and waveski training and competing to complement and enhance club provision.
  • Exposing paddlers to a number of Canoeing disciplines in order to maximise the opportunity for them to progress in the sport.
  • Introducing paddlers to a performance culture and environment and providing a holistic programme of education and development including an introduction to nutrition and performance lifestyle support.
  • Providing support and educational opportunities to club coaches and parents.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for consideration

  1. Must be a full or affiliate member of CANI, with all membership fees fully up to date.
  2. Born in Northern Ireland or born of parents (or adoptive parents) born in Northern Ireland or resident in Northern Ireland for 3 years or more.
  3. Recommendation from a Club Coach;

And completion of an assessment in the following areas:

  • Technical ability including their ability to perform essential skills such as an Eskimo roll or be willing and confident to practise and learn to do so.
  • Rate of development/progression.
  • A commitment to attending 70% of all sessions.
  • Commitment to competing per year.
  • A readiness to be challenged technically, physically and psychologically (On and off the water).

Specific areas listed above will not be considered in isolation.

The CANI Talent Lead will have the discretion to invite newly emerging paddlers to squad training days to enhance the quality of their training.

The CANI Talent Lead in agreement with the CANI Performance Committee has the authority to exclude a paddler from specific training sessions, training camp or the squad completely, if they consider that he/she does not have the technical skills to participate safely.

Coach Contact Time


Training Age

It is expected that participants will join the CANI Talent ID Squad after being involved in paddle sport for 2 years or more. It is expected that paddlers will stay in the CANI Talent ID Squad for 1-2 years before transitioning to the CANI Development Squad.

Confirmation Period

Paddlers entering the CANI Talent ID Squad will be subject to a three month confirmation period. This period is designed to assess the individual against the criteria above for their suitability to remain within the squad. It also gives the individual time to reflect before committing to a long term programme. At the end of this 3 month period a meeting will be scheduled by the CANI Talent Lead with the paddler and parents, where the paddler will be informed if they will enter the squad formally or return to their club.

This does not affect a paddler’s right to rejoin the CANI Talent ID Squad at a later date.

During this period a participation fee will be on a pro rata basis to the individual participation.

Other information

Following the confirmation period, an annual fee is payable to participate in the programme (based on the scale of activities included above and on the current investment from Sport Northern Ireland). This Annual Fee can be paid in instalments (Starting from 1st April – 31st March), agreed in advance with the CANI Talent Lead.


The complete CANI Surf Kayak and Waveski Selection Documents can be found in the folders below: