Success for CANI Athlete’s at HPP Premier and Division 1 Race

Congratulations to CANI Slalom Squad members who were racing in the Holme Pierrepont Premier and Division 1 Race. CANI Athlete’s Hannah Craig, Kirsten Eatock, Kiera Davidson, Alistair McCreery, Patrick Creber and Jake Cochrane were all taking part during the weekend.

On the Saturday in the Premier Division Race Hannah Craig and Kirsten Eatock were the only two taking part from CANI. With the Senior World Championship’s being held in London just two weeks after this race the start list had an international feel with many of the top paddler’s from New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands and of course GB getting some last minute race practice in. Hannah Craig finished in 4th with a very quick time of 112.74+0 less than 3 seconds from the winner New Zealand’s Luuka Jones. Kirsten Eatock was paddling up and finished in 46th a great result considering the international field that was present and the very tricky course that had been set.

On Sunday in the Division 1 K1 Women’s Category Kiera had a fantastic result finishing in 9th with a time of 133.55+4, after a long wait this season she was finally able to break the top 10 barrier that had been eluding her. Kirsten finished in 20th place with a time of 150.52+2, she was pushing hard on her second run but unfortunately picked up a 50 second penalty that cost her a better result. In the K1 Men’s Category Alistair finished in 3rd place with a time of 108.71+2, despite having one of the quickest times of the day penalties kept him off the top spot but this result was enough earn him promotion to Premier Division.  This is a huge achievement and we at CANI would like to congratulate him for this great result. Patrick finished in 79th place and was showing great promise in his second run until he picked up an unfortunate 50 second penalty that pushed him down the ranking list. In the C1 Men Category Jake Cochrane comfortably won the class with a time of 109.99+2 over 5 seconds ahead of second place. We hope that Jake can secure his promotion to Premier Division later this year in the LLandysul Race.

These are a fantastic set of results and show the hard work these athlete’s are putting in is paying off. With only a few more competitions left in the calendar it is an exciting time to be involved within Canoe Slalom.

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