Statement for Course Candidates and Activity Participants

We would encourage you to read the following Government guidance in order to develop strategies if the current situation should change. 

Government guidance 

If you are exhibiting symptoms typical of flu, a cold or have been in close contact with someone who has the COVID-19 infection, then you should not attend the course/activity. If you have travelled to/from the countries/regions as listed in you should contact your coach/provider prior to the travelling to the course/activity.

During the course/activity if you need to cough/sneeze you should do so into a tissue and dispose of this into a bin immediately, washing hands afterwards. Alternatively, coughing/sneezing into the bent elbow if no tissue is available. 

The guidance is clear that hand washing is essential in the protection of your health and preventing the spread of the virus, careful consideration should be given to ensuring venues have hot running water and washing facilities with alcohol gel (or wipes if gel unavailable) provided in addition to handwashing facilities. For venues without this option you must ensure appropriate alternative measures are in place.

Prerequisites for training and assessment courses

We expect there to be occasions in the coming months where, through no fault of the learner (e.g. First Aid course being cancelled), they may not have all appropriate prerequisites for assessments in place. In these circumstances we will be allowing registrations to be made and for candidates to attend assessments; however, certification will not be issued until notification of the missing requirement being gained has been provided. Providers will be given written confirmation where such an agreement is in place.