Sprint News – March Time-Trials!

Sprint Futures

The first testing phase of CANI’s upcoming Talent Fast-Track programme; Sprint Futures, has been completed in a number of schools nearby the Belfast Boat Club. The first phase of testing had the students complete 3 fitness tests – Standing Jump Height, Plank Hold, and 3-minute Run. Approximately 60 students met our requirements for two or more of these fitness tests and have been invited to participate in the second phase of testing which will be completed later this month. The Sprint Futures programme will take on a maximum of 12 future-athletes with their sights on international competition within 2 years.

For more information on the Sprint Futures program, click here.


Sprint Development Squad

The Sprint Development Squad has recently increased their training load; their new training programs sees them training as much as 11 sessions per week. Improvements can already be seen, showing promise for an exciting a fun season of racing this year! For more information on the Sprint Development Squad, click here.


March Time-Trial Day

Join the CANI Sprint Development Squad on 17th of March at the Belfast Boat Club, Stranmillis, for a morning of Time-Trails over the three Sprint racing distances; 1000m, 500m, and 200m. Contact Kieran Dews to register your interest! Equipment is available for use on the day if needed.


Monthly Fitness Programs

New to the CANI Website; there are now Monthly Fitness Programs available including a Monthly Challenge! If you want to increase your paddling fitness, contact our Performance Coach.

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