Sport Northern Ireland Announces ‘Promoting Good Relations Through Sport’ Initiative

The Northern Ireland Executive ‘Together Building a United Community’ Strategy recognises the important role that sport plays in promoting and enhancing good relations between various sections of Northern Ireland society.

The Department of Culture, Arts and leisure and Sport Northern Ireland want to support grassroots sports clubs and community organisations, using sport for development, and to better understand the challenges facing volunteers involved in such work. This support will include the provision of FREE ‘Good Relations in Sport’ Workshops across the region and 150 sports kitbags (worth £1,000 each), to assist interested groups in the delivery of current and future projects within their local communities.

If your organisation can meet the 2 criteria below you are eligible to register:
1. Does your organisation have 5 or more volunteers?
2. Will your organisation commit to participate in Equality of Opportunity and Good Relations training? (Two volunteers per organisation will be asked to attend a workshop in February/March 2016 where Sports Bags will be allocated).

Registration will be open 17 December 2015 and close at 3.00pm on Friday 15 January 2016.

For more information, and to access the registration form for the free kits bags, please click here.

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