Special Resolutions of the Canoe Association Northern Ireland Passed the 25th day of February 2015

At a Special General Meeting of the members of the above named Association duly convened and held at Bryson Lagan Sports on 25 February 2015 the following resolutions were duly passed by a majority of two thirds of the members present:


  1. To change the legal structure of the Association from an unincorporated association to a company limited by guarantee to be a charity (New Charity);
  2. To approve the form of Articles of Association (attached hereto) as the form of Articles of Association for the New Charity subject to any amendment as may be required by any regulator and as agreed by the Council;
  3. To authorise the Council to proceed to incorporate the Canoe Association Northern Ireland as a charitable company limited by guarantee and that in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Articles of Association that the named individuals as follows be the subscribers to the Memorandum and therefore the first members of the New Charity and are appointed as the first company directors and trustees for the Canoe Association Northern Ireland (company limited by guarantee with charitable status).
  4. To authorise the Council to take all steps necessary to change the legal structure of the Association including the power to dispose of all assets by way of a transfer of all the undertakings held by or in the name of the Association after satisfaction of debts and liabilities to the New Charity (once incorporated and registered as a charity) with effect from a transfer date to be agreed by the Council in due course in consultation with advisers;
  5. Subject to the incorporation of the New Charity, to dissolve the Association at an appropriate time determined by the Council.


We will provide regular updates as we progress through this process, if you have any questions email ashleyhunter@cani.org.uk

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