September Nottingham Regatta


On the 2nd September CANI Coach Ray Sweetlove and Ben Dooley left Belfast and took the overnight ferry to arrive at Nottingham Regatta Lake bright and early on Saturday morning where they were greeted by CANI Athletes Jordan Calder, Luke Fitzhenry, Craig Wilson and Zoe Thompson along with Eugen Baban Gino who had all flown into East Midlands earlier that morning. Eu

The squad were greeted with a lot calmer conditions that in July and were looking forward to a weekend of racing.

CANI athlete’s continue to deliver some strong performances. Zoe Thompson finished 3rd in Girls C K1 200m final. Jordan Calder finished in 2nd in Boys D K1 200m. In the Masters Ray Sweetlove and Ben Dooley finished strong in the K2 200m finishing a very respectable 5th just missing out on on a medal by a few strokes. Craig Wilson and Luke Fitzhenry delivered strong performances throughout the weekend but were unfortunately unable to make it in the finals.

In his first competition back Eugen Baban Gino pushed hard and came away 2nd in the Masters K1 500m, 3rd in Masters K1 200m and 2nd in Masters K1 1000m.

The last race of the day was the K4 500m which saw Ben Dooley, Ray Sweetlove, Jordan Calder and Eugen Baban Gino all jump in a boat together. With a mix of experience and youth they were pushed hard to the line but managed to come away with a 5th place finish.

This was a great regatta for all involved with great weather, great racing and great friends. There were lots of positives to take from the weekend and everyone is energised to jump into winter training for next season.


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