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Foundations Safety and Rescue Training Moderation

To book onto Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Moderation, please select date below.

Thursday 2nd September 2021

British Canoeing 

FSRT Provider Moderation

Ticket Price £125.00

*this event is only for FSRT providers and Aspirant providers – to attend this event you must have at least attended an FSRT Orientation*

Maintaining your FSRT Provider Role

Providers are required to maintain their British Canoeing Coach Update Scheme requirements in order to retain their Foundation Safety and Rescue Provider role.  Providers are also required to attend FSRT Moderation every three years.

FSRT providers must attend Moderation every 3 years to continue to provide the FSRT course.

Provider Moderation

FSRT Moderation events are aimed at existing FSRT Providers and serve as a standardisation exercise to ensure that providers are interpreting the syllabus the way it is intended and is an opportunity for people to share practice.

As well as being an opportunity to share practice and ensure consistent delivery standards across the country, attendance at these events meets the CPD element of the Coach Update Scheme for a further 3 years. 

Course programme:

The course programme/ timings will be confirmed on the day; however, it is important to note that this will be a predominantly water based event and active participation in the water based activities is an essential part of the event and is required for successful attendance and updating of the Foundation Safety and Rescue Provider role.

The moderation trainer will make a recommendation, based on your contribution during the event:

Possible recommendations include:

  • Continuation of your FSRT Provider role for a further 3 years
  • Action plan, followed by an update of FSRT Provider role for 3 years (from date of moderation event not date of completion of action plan)
  • Action plan with requirement for next course to be observed by a National Trainer (this will incur an additional cost)

What to Bring with you:

Equipment:  The programme for the day includes water-based activities, as it is a moderation event you will be involved in both presenting and participating on/ in the water.

Please bring with you your delivery equipment for FSRT Courses and personal kit (including as a minimum a kayak and canoe of your choice) as listed within the syllabus and ensure that you are dressed appropriately for a day in and out of the water.

Timings: please arrive for a 09:00 Start

Refreshments: tea and coffee are provided for this event

Lunch: Please note, Lunch is not provided.

Accommodation: Please note, Accommodation is not provided.

Pre-course Information: To aid you in preparing for the course, please familiarise yourself with the syllabus and course notes which can be found on the British Canoeing website via the following link: 

Please bring with you a paper copy of your Learning Programme and copy of your course risk assessments.