Research Project – Screening techniques to minimize the risk of back injury in canoeists

Leah Robb from the University of Ulster Jordanstown who was previously on placement with CANI. Is  completing a dissertation research study  for University and is looking for volunteers from Clubs. Please see detail below for how to get involved.

The study  titled  “Screening techniques to minimize the risk of back injury in canoeists”

The purpose of the study is to establish how useful Functional Movement Screening (FMS) can be in helping to identify canoeists who may be at risk of injury, focusing on the strength and mobility of the cervical and thoracic spine.

I am looking for 25 healthy and active kayakers between 18 and 45 years old with no internal, skeletal or severe muscular injury (who can be available for 1 testing and data collection session in April 2018)

I have attached a participant information sheet which is designed to try to answer any questions an individual may have about the research before volunteering. 

The document covers:

– the purpose of the study

– what will a volunteer be asked to do?

– the potential benefits and risks

– who is organizing and funding the research 

– who can a volunteer speak to if they have any questions?

– and how to get involved

Volunteers should contact Leah Robb by April 6th (contact details are below). Volunteers will then receive an email containing a ‘Participant Consent form’ and ‘Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire’. Notification of testing dates and locations will be sent out to each participant in due course.

Contact details

Contact: Leah Robb (student investigator) 


DIS info sheet


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