Report from Irish Open 2015

The following report was provided by CANI Surf Squad member Meabh Lynch on the Irish Open 2015.

1With all the junior squad down for the Irish Open, it was looking to be a good competitive event. Most of us had not surfed competitively at a reef break before and for me it is hard not to say we were a little nervous. The waves were lovely predictable big 6 footers over most of the day before dropping back a little towards the evening.


2Jamie, Emil and Matthew were in the Open HP and IC with high performances from them all it was good to watch from the beach – especially with parents cheering from the sideline. Sofia, Andrew, Aiden and I were out in the junior ski and open ski against the big boys and big waves. I fell off the ski a dozen time before a little encouragement of ‘go Meabh’ from Sophia got me going. Myself, Megan and Sofia also competed in Women HP, having a great heat and lots of fun.


3A hard day’s work brought great results with Megan Gamble and Sophia Lazaescu getting best newcomer and Aiden McElhinney getting Best Up and Coming Paddler. Mathew and I finishing off in some top 4 positions and Jamie and Emil finishing in top 10 positions. After a long day a good dinner was followed by one of the best after parties for all the juniors, parents and our coach Marty McCann.


4I would like to thank Paddlesurf Ireland, especially Mick and Aisling for the great atmosphere and one of the best competitions; and of course our coaches Marty and Gerry. It was great to meet up with the Irish squad and all those we met in Galicia again. A special thanks to Lucy who passed on her lovely pink piranha ski to me and I will hopefully be able to do the same someday.

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