NGCW 2018 Ideas and Activities

Starter Sessions


Starter Sessions are probably the best of our Go Canoeing activities for absolute beginners. They give you an excellent introduction to the sport of canoeing and offer a fun experience for all the family.


Starter Sessions are all about allowing you to get started and enjoy your time on the water. During this week a number of sessions will also offer the opportunity to paddle a mile, which you can register with us to count towards our mileage target. 


*Starter Sessions are delivered by canoeing clubs and centres. They may vary slightly depending on the provider. Please check individual sessions for specific details, including price, age limits and booking requirements.


Guided Tours


Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced paddler, our Guided Tours offer a great way to get out on the water during National Go Canoeing Week and complete some miles to add to our total.

Our tours allow you to meet like-minded people, escape the daily grind on an adventure or simply spend time with family and friends, exploring your local waterways.


*Each tour is led by one of our specially trained Go Canoeing Tour Guides, who are passionate about sharing their love of canoeing and local knowledge. Your guide will also let you know the distance you have paddled during the tour, allowing you to register your miles on this website.


Challenges and events


During National Go Canoeing Week we will have lots of challenges and events happening at a wide variety of locations throughout the UK. 


Clock up your own miles

As always with National Go Canoeing Week, you don’t have to come along to one of our organised activities to get involved. Our aim is simply to get as many people as we can out on the water and enjoying canoeing during the week.


Why not get involved in the fun and use Go Canoeing Week as your excuse to get out and see how many miles you can clock up, in whatever way interests you?

The opportunities are endless, but we’ve come up with some ideas to get you started:

Take on one of our Challenge Routes

Take part in National Go Canoeing Week AND get your name on our Challenge Leaderboard!  Find your challenge here.


Increase Your Distance

If you already paddle regularly why not challenge yourself to increase your distance this week?! From recreational paddlers to white water or slalom participants you can all set a target to smash this week!


Go On an Adventure

Pack your paddles and a picnic and go on a trip with friends and family. We have Canoe Trails all around the country which are perfect for day trips or weekends away. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear; just check out our list of Canoe Hire providers


Organise Some Group Fun

If you are part of a club or paddle with a group of friends why not set some fun challenges? How far can you paddle; in fancy dress, backwards, sideways as a group, as part of a relay, in the most unusual or oldest boat, in a cardboard canoe?!


Do Some Good

If you want to do some direct good, organise a river clean up and clock up some miles at the same time as doing something good for the environment.


Go Trail Bagging

With over 100 canoe trails now live on the British Canoeing site why not give Trail Bagging a go?

Look for trails in your local area and see how many you can bag during National Go Canoeing Week. You might even catch the bagging bug and decide to go on to complete all of our trails. Be quick though…we will be adding more soon!

Whatever you decide to do during Go Canoeing Week, all we ask is that you register the miles you complete to help us hit our target.