Junior Paddlesport Hubs

There are 2 Junior Paddlesport Hubs based in Northern Ireland which meet once a month between September and April. The hubs are made up of a variety of CANI clubs who focus their hub sessions in 2 different geographical locations.

One hub meets in the Armagh area, which consists of Belfast Kayak Club, Belfast Canoe Club, Lisburn City Paddlers, C3 Craigavon Canoe Club, and the newest 3 clubs to join this are, Banbridge Kayak and Canoe Club, Belfast Kayak Academy and County Antrim Paddlesports.

The other hub meets in the Omagh area and is made up of the following clubs, Foyle Paddlers, Erne Paddlers and Mid Ulster Canoe Kayak Club. The hubs schedule is to meet once a month September to April.

CANI support each of the hubs with 2 coach development days throughout their season. The key focus behind the clubs is to create the best learning environment for the young paddlers to develop and have the fun and social interaction of paddling with other young paddlers from different areas.

If any other clubs would like to be involved in these hub sessions please contact rodgerhamilton@cani.org.uk

CANI would like to say a huge thanks to all the coaches/leaders for their hard work and dedication.

Junior Paddlesport Hubs Session 2020

Due to Coronavirus Covid 19, CANI Junior Paddlesport Hubs will remain on hold and until the current status changes no dates for these paddles will be released.

CANI will continue to develop and plan the CANI Junior Paddlesport Hubs for when things return to normal and dates for these paddles will be released at that time.