Folye Paddlers – Free Kayak Fishing and Sit on Top Safety Workshop – Saturday 4th June

To coincide with National Canoe Week, which runs from Saturday 28th May – Sunday 5th June, Foyle Paddlers Canoe Club have announced an exciting series of events to be held each day at their Prehen Boathouse. These include; taster sessions, sea kayak trips and a brand new event this year will be their ‘Kayak Fishing and Sit-on top Safety Workshop’, to be held on Saturday.4th June 2016.

As one local fisherman stated – “it is generally accepted that most fishermen are fisherman first and kayakers second. We love to talk about our fishing gear, while forgetting about the essential safety equipment and techniques which will keep us safe while fishing from our kayaks.”

In response to these concerns, Foyle Paddlers canoe club will facilitate their first safety awareness workshop, which starts at 9.30am on Saturday 4th June at Prehen Boathouse. Participants can register their interest at www.fpcc.imFurther details can be obtained by accessing either the website at or check up our face book page.

The morning session will be theory based, looking at; craft selection, safety equipment (paddling gear, VHF, Sea Anchors etc), discussing tides, weather and trip planning. While the afternoon sessions will provide an opportunity to improve your paddling techniques and self-rescues. Participants are advised to bring along any personal equipment and kayaks which they would normally use. However, Foyle Paddlers will also have a selection of additional equipment available on the day.

To book your place, please follow link; Folye Paddlers – Free Kayak Fishing and Sit on Top Safety Workshop – Saturday 4th June from 9.30am – 3.00pm