Quoile Recreational Paddle Saturday 16th September 2017


We gathered at Jaynes Shore and set off in a mixture of boats. Spirits were high and the weather was kind.

For the nature lovers out there we were fortunate to have a couple of views of a Grey Heron just before the tunnels and then were treated to a flock of over 50 swans on the open water with St.Patrick’s Cathedral as a backdrop. .

We ventured upstream past the railway bridge and deep into the rolling hills of the Co. Down countryside before returning to Inch Abbey for a late lunch and a chance to explore the ruins of the 12 century abbey which was built by John De Courcy.

Our friend the grey heron gave us a final flypast on the return to Jayne’s Shore.

We made it back all safe, sound cheerful and dry.

Thanks to paddlers who took part and to the large group of BKC members who supported this paddle.

Jim Burrell

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