Put an end to bullying in sport

SportNI has been supporting the NI Anti-Bullying Forum to raise awareness of the impact of bullying through sport. Bullying is the most common safeguarding concern amongst young people and may well be an issue your sports volunteers have to deal or ensure does not happen within a club level or representative level. SportNI and the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) are encouraging clubs to be proactive and put an end to bullying, taking action rather than simply reacting following an incident.

Anti-Bullying Week is the 16th-22nd November and we ask that as part of your club activity you take positive steps towards making your members aware of the potential of bullying within your club and how it can be identified and minimised. If you would like to gain any ideas for how you could be more pro-active in this area please refer to the NI Anti-Bullying Forum’s website http://www.endbullying.org.uk

For further information the Child Protection in Sport Unit have a number of Anti-bullying resources

Challenging Bullying In Sports Clubs

Child Protection in Sport Unit – Anti-Bullying Activities

  • Activity 1: what is bullying behaviour?
  • Activity 2: who to turn to
  • Activity 3: what can I do? (role of the bystander)
  • Activity 4: impact of bullying on the individual
  • Activity 5: the perfect environment for bullying

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