Jamie Gamble


Name: Jamie Gamble D.O.B.: 13/12/1997 Hometown: Eglinton Occupation: Student

How long have you been involved in performance canoeing/kayaking?

Around 3 years

What motivated you to begin performance canoeing/kayaking?

Seeing the standard of the surf squad whilst at the come and try it day made me realise that surf was the discipline for me. The level of skill on show was extraordinary, and it inspired me to follow in their footsteps.

What is your main discipline?

Surf Kayaking

Which club are you a member of?

Broighter Paddlers

Ulster Paddlesurf Club

Who is your coach?

Marty McCann

What are your greatest achievements thus far?

3rd in British and Irish Opens

5th Junior HP in 2014 European Championships

7th Junior IC in the 2015 World Championships

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Winning a world title or two would be a nice achievement, especially with the level of competition at the moment.

Who has been the greatest influence in your career?

I don’t have just one person to thank, a combination of support from my parents and excellent coaches from day 1 have influenced my paddling thus far.

Who are you currently sponsored by?

Rosy Surfboards

When you’re not canoeing/kayaking what do you like to do in your spare time?

A-levels are taking up most of my time at the minute, but I like going for a run whenever I get the time, or working on strength and conditioning.

Do you have any superstitions before you compete?

Not really, I just settle down into a good frame of mind and pretend to be somewhere warmer!

Who is your most admired sports person?

I admire a mixture of sports people for different traits. Seán Marty Lockhart’s resilience is something I try to have when competing. Kelly Slater’s wave reading ability is second to none; if I can read a wave half as well as he can I’m doing well!

What, if any injuries have you sustained?

Nothing serious from paddling… yet anyway