High Performance

High performance development will be a focus for CANI during 2013 – 2017. CANI already supports a number of high performance athletes and aims to develop more athletes in this period. CANI high performance support will be developed in partnership with Canoeing Ireland and British Canoeing.

There will be close links established between talent development and high performance to encourage a smooth transition of athletes and coaches.

The targets for 2013 – 2017 will be to develop a system that supports high performance athletes to achieve their goals by focusing on the following key areas;

  •  The high performance system
  •  High performance coaching
  •   Services for performance enhancement

The high performance system

CANI will develop and maintain records of all previous and current athletes and share information internally. Key Performance Indicators will be recorded in partnership with the Sports Institute NI to monitor athlete progress. Systems will be implemented that will monitor the effectiveness of the high performance system against targets that will be regularly reviewed. High performance coaches within the CANI high performance environment will be offered support for their professional development. Targeted athletes will be offered assistance with an exit strategy. CANI will adopt the selection appeals process of the country the athlete represents and will provide assistance if required and will ensure its performance committee works closely with Canoeing Ireland and British Canoeing performance teams. CANI will work with Sports Institute NI to conduct reviews of athletes’ performance twice a year to ensure they are fully supported.

High performance coaching

CANI will recommend that targeted athletes identify and secure the services of their own high performance coach. CANI will aim to provide financial support via Sport N.I for this. Athletes will be required to submit an annual coaching plan and training programme to CANI which will link with the athlete’s targets. The athlete’s coach will also be encouraged to share best practice and learning with other performance coaches.

Services for performance enhancement

CANI, in conjunction with the athletes and Sports Institute Northern Ireland (SINI), will review previous services and performance gaps and arrange for services to target the needs identified. There will be regular assessments of the impact of services provided and athletes will be asked to submit annual plans. Athletes and coaches will be encouraged to share key findings to assist with development of other athletes. With support from SINI, CANI will support targeted athletes to return to fitness.