Performance Coach Development Framework


Goals of the Performance Pathway

The CANI Performance Pathway aims to enable talented Northern Irish paddlers to enter British Canoeing World Class Programmes or Canoe Ireland High Performance Programmes and go on to win medals in these canoeing disciplines. This framework is designed to provide the best level of coaching available at the correct level for paddlers involved in the CANI Performance Pathway.

Delivery of the Vision

The minimum standards of delivery will influence the very beginning of the Performance Pathway and look to raise the standard of the coaches working at this stage of a paddler’s development. The concept is to help and support coaches to reach excellence at the early stages of a paddler’s development to allow these athletes to move up the CANI Performance Pathway with sound basic skills.
Below you will find information about the specific minimum standards of deployment that CANI will be developing to ensure a seamless delivery of our Vision:

Canoe Slalom


Canoe Sprint


Surf Kayak and Waveski



Invited Coaches

Coaches may be invited to work within the CANI Performance Pathway who do not meet the minimum standards of deployment.

The Coaches are being invited on the following factors:

  • Proven performance with paddlers in a performance pathway
  • Proven performance as an high performance paddlers
  • If they can contribute to enhancing the quality of coaching within the training environment

If you meet the minimum standards of deployment or any of the above criteria and would like to be involved with the CANI Performance Programmes please contact Matt McKnight


The complete CANI Performance Coach Development Framework can be found in the folder below: