Parents in Sports Week 2017

October is going to be a very fun-filled, fast and exciting month, with the many events that are taking place including the Backwater and Coney recreational paddles, the WSKC and Parents in Sport week which will be held between the 2nd and 8th of October, and we can’t forget Halloween either.



Parents fulfill a very valuable role and donate a positive influence over children’s participation in sport.


Parents are Motivators

Parents support

Parents Encourage


The NSPCC and SportNI are running parents in sport week as an initiative which hopes to support current safeguarding programs, as well as highlighting the significance of parent’s roles, as well as the positive influences they have by supporting children’s participation in sport.


CANI would like clubs to organise a session for parents day in order to meet the aims of the NSPCC and SportNI  which are:

  1. work with parents to reflect on the demands they’re encountering and identify strategies to manage the demands on parents

  2. encourage sports clubs and coaches to take time and show they value parents, want parental input and are grateful for what parents do


Have you, or your club got any ideas for Parents day sessions? YES? We want to hear them!


Forward your ideas to




It is important as providers to show parents our appreciation, to support them, as well as encourage their participation and show gratitude, as all of us within sport know that a parent/carer is essential to a child’s life-long involvement and enjoyment in sport. Parents encourage and support children within paddle sport, they are influential and motivational.

Below you will find resources that can be used to help support and promote the campaign.

In the run up to last years campaign, the CPSU listed 10 ways on how to get involved and promote the campaign within clubs and organisations. Many of these ideas can also be used throughout the year to encourage parents

The CPSU have also made up an exemplary PowerPoint presentation that clubs and organisations can used and amend to inform parents on the significance of their role. it can be used as a basis of a workshop or within a presentation.

Other resources include posters expressing gratitude towards parents/carers, encouraging involvement and promotion of club interactivity, such as the poster promoting the idea of children coaching parents for a day in support of the campaign.

To Download these resources, please visit: CANI Documents


Show support and share the campaign on twitter: @theCPSU  or by Facebook: NSPCC



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