Paracanoe is much like Canoe Sprint but adapted for athletes with lower-limb and/or spinal injuries (and other disabilities resulting in physical disability with the same or similar outcomes for the athletes). Paracanoe is raced only across the 200m-race distance with both adapted kayaks and canoes.

Paracanoe Athletes are classified into three disability classes with the process of classification beginning at their feet and moving up the athlete’s body with levels of impeded function accumulating points – the number of points determines the athlete’s classification. The classification classes are as follows:

  • L1 comprises of athletes with only the use of their arms with no trunk rotation/control or use of their legs.
  • L2 comprises of athletes with the use of both their arms and their torso, but no use of their legs.
  • L3 comprises of athletes with use of their arms, their torso, and limited use of their legs.