A new, exciting digital map is now available through the Go Paddling website, changing the game for paddlers across the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Do you want to:

  • Find new places to paddle?
  • Contribute towards new places to paddle?
  • Look up river levels, hazards, weirs and rapids information?
  • Look up rivers and canals near you?

Then PaddlePoints is a tool you will find invaluable for your paddling needs.

PaddlePoints may not be brand new to some of you. It’s the free mapping resource that quite simply helps paddlers find and contribute towards places to go paddling. Founded by developer Ben Sansom, it has been used by paddlers across the UK to plot everything from car parks to weirs, tree hazards to river rapids and everything in between.

The PaddlePoints is user friendly and will become a resource for all paddlers to use and enjoy. 

So what exactly is PaddlePoints, and how can I use it?

Quite simply, PaddlePoints is the website to use if you want to go paddling. We already have the paddle trails and challenge routes for people wanting pre-planned routes but the new website goes a little deeper.

For those wanting to do more than just paddle a trail, you will find PaddlePoints an invaluable tool. Through the website, you can view all the plotted points already there, but you can also share and input information on places to launch, park, hazards, weirs, clubs and more. Spot a tree hazard? Pop it on PaddlePoints. Stop for lunch at a nice riverside cafe? Pop it on PaddlePoints. Notice a car park really close to your launch point? Pop it on PaddlePoints. The tool is all about making it easier for people to get out paddling.

The more people use and interact with PaddlePoints, the richer the information will become, meaning you can get out on the water easily and more safely too.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the new PaddlePoints website, get contributing and get paddling! Link: PaddlePoints