Paddlefest Program – From Novice to Expert


Throughout Paddlefest 2017 we have opportunities for all, from novices to experienced paddlers, led by a team of enthusiastic coaches. Our workshops and sessions throughout the weekend will be a great way to gain further knowledge of your discipline or a chance to try something new.

Practising Trips // For paddlers who are starting to venture into the moderate water environments, our practising trips are ideal to gain skills in Open Canoe, Sea Kayaking, White Water Kayaking and Surf Kayaking. Even if you are a moderate water paddler already, your skills will still be developed during the practising trips.

Skilled Trips // Skilled trips have been designed for those who are already paddling in moderate water environments, but who want to develop their skills further for advanced water environments, as well as advanced paddlers who want to be developed more.

Coach update sessions throughout the weekend will assist coaches in developing their coaching skills in the moderate environment for Open Canoe, Sea Kayaking, White Water Kayaking and Surf Kayaking. Topics including fitness for paddlesport, coaching young paddlers, fundamentals of movement in paddlesport, observation, analysis and setting practice, plus much more, are available during half day and full day sessions. It is a great opportunity for professional development and to learn from other coaches.

The Stand-up Paddleboard DSM (Discipline Support Module) is available on Saturday 1st April. It will introduce and explain the fundamental techniques for coaching stand up paddlesports through theory based and practical activities.


Click here for the full Paddlefest Program, including specific discipline, session time and further session information.

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