Paddle Safer

The Paddler Safer course gives new and novice paddlers the opportunity to develop their safety skills when taking to the water.

What is covered in the Paddle Safer Award?

  1. Clothing and equipment information, it covers everything you need to know to physically get yourself on the water, covering all the types of equipment you’ll need, as well as any additional safety equipment you could consider.
  2. The paddling environment, you will discuss and observe the sheltered water environment, based on the places you usually paddle, as well as what to look out for with the changing weather forecast.
  3. Learn to plan your journey, with top tips around what to expect and look out for, considering your experience and ability.
  4. The fun bit, practicing your rescues, you’ll learn about how to stay safe and make the most out of your paddling session, providing practical solutions if you get into difficulty, how to support each other and call for help.

Paddle Safer Sample Programme and Session Plans

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