Paddle 4 Sport League

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Late in the evening of Dec 9th 2013, in Lisnaskea, three not so young but competitive minded paddlers found themselves pining for the chance to race.  A short while later Paddle 4 Sport was born. By the end of January 2014 members of Just kayak, C.C.K.A, Share, Foyle Paddlers and M.U.C.K had sorted out a league mission, a years’ worth of events, rules and a scoring system.

2014 was a great foundation year and the future plan is simply to get more paddlers out.  2015 had a full calendar of events and a wider range of disciplines. 2016 has another full calendar with a wide range of events, please see 2016 calendar below.

The mission of the League is to generate healthy local competition to encourage paddlers of all abilities to take part in races either on a recreational or a competitive basis.  Events are initiated  by clubs and managed by clubs.  Results of each official event are collected to generate a League table including a club competition and individual competition.

The league is open to all paddlers regardless of ability.  The aim is to get out and paddle – as fast as you can for fun, fitness and the pleasure of competing.

Each event has a competition fee of around £5 adult and £3 for a junior.  Paddlers who are not CANI members or members of CANI affiliated clubs must pay an ’on the day’ insurance fee.

Each event varies depending on the host Club but the age categories are fix with Junior classes at U10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 and senior classes of Open (18 – 45), Masters (46 – 65) and veterans (65 and over).  Boat classes also vary depending on the host clubs decision but include Open Canadians (solo, tandem), K1 and K2, White water racers, Sea Kayak (solo and tandem), General purpose kayak and Rafts.

For event dates, current club and individual result tables and additional information for the next event, visit:

Paddle 4 Sport league Facebook page

See also the Paddle 4 Sport League 2020 calendar below;

League Scoring.

The club league point’s system is being revised.  However, the essential basis is that individual points are combined and averaged to get a club score for each event.  These are then added together to provide a club score for the year.

Solo Tandem
1st 100 98
2nd 95 93
3rd 90 88
4th 85 83
5th 84 82
6th 83 etc 81 etc