Paddle 4 Sport

The mission of the League is to generate healthy local competition to encourage paddlers of all abilities to take part in races either on a recreational or a competitive basis.

The League has been initialled by clubs and each event will be managed/ hosted by a club. Results of each official event will be collected centrally to generate a League table for a club competition and for individual competition.

To be a success we need as many paddlers of all abilities to take part so spread the word and get along to take part. Next event is a flat water race on the Bann on the 9th of March, hosted by CCKA

The information site for the league is: on facebook at ‘Paddle 4 Sport’

2014 official scored race schedule

JanuaryNo event
February9thNewry and MourneSlalomShaws Bridge
March9thCCKAFlatwaterLower Bann
May25thCCKASea RacePortrush
June8thFoyle paddlersFoyle MarathonFoyle
July27thMUCKTeam events/PoloTBC
August2ndJust KayakSea RaceMoville
September7thJust KayakCanoe SailingMoville
October12thNewry and MourneFlat waterNewry Canal
December7thFoyleMourne White waterNewtonstewart

Additional non scored social races/ events.

June25thFoyle PaddlersSprintsPrehen
August3rdJust KayakCanoe SailingMoville
December6thFoyle PaddlersWhite waterOwenkillew

Any club wishing to add a non scored event to this calendar is welcome to do so. Event details should be e-mailed to John Wilkinson at

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