Paddle 4 Sport 2017 round-up

This year’s competition was once again a good one with a total of 236 competitors from 33 clubs with the youngest class being J10 and the oldest Veterans (+65) – including WWKC paddler Kathleen McCormick still bouncing down the Mourne at 75. This year saw a significant rise in the number of paddlers from some relative ‘new comer’ clubs to the league, and in the overall number of paddlers attending multiple events. It will be good to see both of these trends continuing into the 2018 competition.

The league is intended to encourage paddlers of all abilities to take part in recreation racing either seriously in competition, to win their own age category, or simply to take part, notching up points for their club whilst trying to stay ahead of rivals and burn a few calories in the effort.

Club Competition
Results for the club competition are hard to judge given the different size and a competitive nature of the various clubs but here is some analysis.
The top three clubs for total points:
(Usually won by a big club with sheer numbers)
CCKA 4784
LCP 3776
BKC 2173

The top three clubs for total paddlers:
(Usually won by a big club with sheer numbers)
LCP 26

Top three clubs average score – more than 5 paddlers
(Usually won by a small club with a few outstanding racers. 1st and 2nd place only 5 competitors)
Dog leap 233.6
MUCK 233.2
CAPS 227.13

Top three clubs average score – more than 10 paddlers
(A good gauge of the depth of able racers within a club. Total points divided by total paddlers)
BKC 181.1
CCKA 165
UCC 154.31

Over all Club results for age groups

Club Winners Categories
CCKA 3 J10 mens
Masters mens
FPCC 3 J14 Mens
J16 Womens
J18 Mens
LCP 3 J12 Mens
J14 Womens
J16 mens
Muck 2 Open Mens
Masters Womens
CAPS 2 Open Womens
Veteran mens
WWKC 2 J18 Womens
Veterans Womens
UCC 1 J12 Womens
GKC 1 J16 Womens

Individual Competition.

Class Name Club Feb April May June Sept Oct Nov Dec Total
J10 Mens Duffy Odhran CCKA 98 98
J10 Womens Tagg Naomi CCKA 98 100 98 296
J12 Mens Creagh Cormac LCP 95 100 195
J12 Womens McLean Sarah UCC 95 98 100 293
J14 Mens McIvor Daniel FPCC 100 100 100 300
J14 Womens Thompson Zoe LCP 100 100 100 300
J16 Mens Creagh Patrick LCP 100 100 200
J16 Womens Bonner Sarah FPCC 100 100 200
J16 Womens O Broin Aoibhin GKC 100 100 200
J18 Mens Kenny Manus FPCC 100 100 100 100 400
J18 Womens O’Herilhy Michelle WWKC 100 100 200
Open Mens McKenna Peter MUCK 95 90 100 100 385
Open Womens O’Dornan Marion CAPS 95 100 95 98 388
Masters Mens Davies Jonathan CCKA 97 100 95 98 100 100 590
Masters Womens Gribbin Joan MUCK 100 100 100 93 393
Veteran Mens Gibson Davy CAPS 100 100 100 100 100 100 600
Veteran Womens McCormick Kathleen WWKC 98 98

As with all competition, in general the more the merrier. For those wanting a serous competitive work-out having other regular racers to face up to each month adds to the challenge and for those of us with a less hardened edge the pleasure of a good work out or more leisurely paddle in good company is added to by meeting up with old friends and meeting other paddlers from other clubs.
Make 2018 a year to get out on the water and to Paddle 4 Sport.

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