Nottingham Training Camp March 2016


The following report was provided by CANI Slalom Squad member Conleth McLarnon on his experiences during a training camp in Nottingham at the end of March.

On Thursday 24th March the 4 of us (Conleth, Sean, Tiernan and Adam), accompanied by Matt & Brendan departed on the Ferry from Belfast to head to Nottingham for the weekend. The sailing was a bit rough (I even had some thoughts of the boat sinking!), but it went smoothly and I was excited for the weekend ahead.

When we arrived in Cairnryan, we promptly took off toward Nottingham prepared for the 6 hour journey ahead of us. We stopped for an hours break to get refreshments and some rest, then continued on our journey and as most of us was tired we slept the whole way.

I was looking forward to the next few days and when I awoke later that morning, we were met by the rest of the squad (Kirsten,Patrick and Kiera) who had already traveled out to Nottingham. We then met our coaches for our training sessions, Andrew Hadfield and Adam Johnston.

We completed 2 technique sessions on Day 1, which was very enjoyable and I was well ready for my dinner in “Spoons” later that evening, as was everyone.

For the next 2 days, we did a mixture of Half runs, Tech sessions and Full runs. I had a lot of fun doing these and also gained experience on the faster white water, learning new skills.

Everyone paddled well and overall for me, I felt the camp was a success, though I think a few people will be bringing ear plugs to help them sleep next time

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