Northern Irish Surf Open

It’s not often the North Coast delivers both fantastic weather and high quality surf at the same time but the Northern Irish surf kayakers struck it lucky on Saturday, getting both for their annual Northern Irish Open.

The great event was held at Portballintrae beach on Saturday 12th September with around 25 competitors coming from all over Northern Ireland. A high standard was on show from all, with fast turns, radical end manoeuvres and big wipe outs on the menu for the day.

Plastic Class
1. James O’Donnell (also league winner!)
2. Steven Yaminali
3. Norman Woods
4. John Donaghy

Junior Plastic
1. Peter Hodge
2. Kieran McDyre
Men’s HP
1. Chris Hobson
2. Jonny Bingham
3. Gerry McGahey
4. Dessie McGlinchey

Men’s IC
1. Jonny Bingham
2. Chris Hobson
3. Corin King
4. Jake King

Junior HP
1. Andy McClelland
2. Michael Johnston
3. Corin King
4. Jack Pothecary

Junior IC
1. Andy McClelland
2. Corin King
3. Jake King

Ladies IC
1. Shalene Ward
2. Shooter
3. Chloe Hamilton

Masters HP
1. Richard Hobson
2. Lawrence McBride
3. Matt Pothecary
4. John Donaghy
James O’Donnell won a new surf kayak courtesy of MEGA Surf Kayaks
Richard Hobson won the winners draw – a £100 Nookie voucher
Corin King won the competitors draw – a new surf kayak/ski courtesy of MEGA Surf Kayaks

The competitors thanked Jonny Bingham, all the sponsors and all those involved in organising the event and for making it an enjoyable day for everyone.

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