North American Whitewater Junior Olympics Festival

Dear Fellow Paddlers,

My name is Mike Hyde. I am the Chairman of the 2011 North American Whitewater Junior Olympics Festival. It is being held next July of next year in Golden, Colorado, USA at the Clear Creek Whitewater Park. The facility is an augmented free-flowing river that was designed with whitewater canoe slalom and freestyle in mind.

We would like to encourage a great deal of international participation for these games. The game will focus on the paddlers ranging from 8 years old to 18 years old. Most will be in the 8 to 15 year old range. Some of the 10 year olds are already on the radar as world class paddlers. It will be an exciting series of events. It will cover traditional slalom, sprint slalom, downriver racing, Boatercross, freestyle, something we call; Sladeo which utilizes a freestyle boat with elements of slalom and freestyle in the mix.

We welcome you with open arms should some of your paddlers desire to participate. This festival is sanctioned by USACK and ICF. There will be homestays available for competitors and teams to help offset the cost of travel and competition. Being that I am indeed half British, I would dearly love to see my paddling cousins from across the pond come!

Golden, Colorado is literally the Gateway to the Rockies. The park is very scenic and and there are many things offered on and off the water for enjoyment. The official website for the festival is:

I hope you can come!

Kindest Regards,

Mike Hyde
2010 North American Whitewater Junior Olympics Festival

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