Nicholas Robinette awarded the CANI President’s trophy

Nicholas Robinette receiving the CANI President’s trophy (Presented by Mark Breen, CANI Vice-Chairperson).



Nicolas Robinette has been awarded with the Presidents Trophy.  This was presented to him earlier this year by Mark Breen, CANI Vice-chairperson.

The Presidents Trophy is an annual award, which is given to an individual, or group, who has made a significant contribution to canoeing within the last year. This could include coaching, organising, administration etc.

The Presidents Award was presented to the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland by Stanley Littlewood.

Nicholas organised the 2016/17 Canoe Inter-varieties, which saw over four hundred paddlers compete in five disciplines across NI. This was a great event, which showcased canoeing across NI.

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