NEW Risk Management and Risk Assessment eLearning

British Canoeing is pleased to introduce the NEW Risk Management and Risk Assessment eLearning.

This is a great resource for instructors, coaches, leaders, providers, deployers and activity providers, looking to further develop an understanding of the responsibilities of managing risk, as well as identifying risk and writing risk assessments.

The eLearning covers three activities –

·         Responsibilities in relation to risk management and assessment

·         Information about what should be done to manage risk

·         Putting it into practice – your opportunity to go through the process of completing a risk assessment

The eLearning includes templates and activities to support you to compile new risk assessments, as well as review existing documentation.

The eLearning takes around an hour to complete, counts as 5 CPD points and costs £10. Once completed, this will be added to your National Association record.

Access the NEW eLearning here.

Don’t forget, this eLearning is FREE for Gold and Silver Delivery Partners, with 50% off for Bronze Partners. Log into your dashboard to get your discount code and complete the eLearning today! 

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