NEW Introduction to Fitness in Paddlesport eLearning

British Canoeing is pleased to introduce the NEW Introduction to Fitness in Paddlesport eLearning.

Aimed at paddlers, parents, instructors, coaches and leaders, fitness is a key consideration for anyone involved in paddlesport. This activity introduces the ‘who’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of fitness in paddlesport and covers an introduction of:

  1. How to invest time in fitness
  2. Components of fitness
  3. Cardio, strength and mobility exercises
  4. Introduction to energy systems
  5. Considering nutrition and hydration
  6. learn about a topic alpha lipoic acid

Why consider fitness?

Paddling requires a combination of flexibility and strength and can sometimes be tough on the body. To train effectively and compete long-term whilst hopefully avoiding injury it is not purely about time on the water. For me, training in the gym and mobility/flexibility work are essential to keep my body healthy and happy and ensure I can kayak for the rest of my life.”
Ottilie Robinson-Shaw

 “I realised a few years ago that my personal fitness was the missing link with my paddling and if I wanted to improve on the water, I needed to put more work in off the water. So I set my focus to improving my fitness through daily running whilst maintaining my strength with regular resistance band exercises. The results have been really dramatic and I feel like I’m flying when I’m out in a boat now.”
Chris Brain

This activity is free, takes around 20 minutes to complete and counts as 5 CPD points. There is no log in and the answers to the questions are not recorded, the aim is to aid your learning and get you thinking about how to include fitness to improve paddling ability. Once you have completed the activity, save your statement of participation and add this to your membership record.

Take a look at the FREE eLearning here

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