NEW Go Paddling eLearning to support your new paddlers

British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to introduce the NEW Go Paddling Introduction to Paddlesport eLearning! 

This is a great tool for Instructors, Coaches and Leaders, who are introducing new people to the water, and can support your delivery. During this time of social distancing, why not share this resource with your paddlers so they know some of the key information before they get onto the water. Topics include equipment, from buoyancy aids to leashes, craft types to paddle types and covers basic locations where you can paddle, as well as information about safety considerations.

Aimed at new or returning paddlers, the eLearning is designed to be an easy to use, interactive and takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete. As always, there are also several fun games to help you learn along the way! 

Take a look at the FREE eLearning here and share with your paddlers so they can brush up on their skills and knowledge before heading out on the water.

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