NEW CPD system to support you

NEW for 2020, British Canoeing is pleased to introduce the NEW supportive points based Continuous Professional Development (CPD) process. Aligned with our Educational Philosophy, CPD is individualised, allowing the Instructor, Coach and Leader to consider what areas they may need to develop. 

The new process is simple, easy to upload and gives you the opportunity to recognise all of your learning and development, regardless of the source. During the recent period of restrictions, we recognise that many paddlers have engaged in many different ways for their learning and development online and these can now be recognised.

Select questions below for further information.

What is Continuous Professional Development?

Why is it important to keep your CPD up to date?

What counts as CPD?

What’s changing?

How do I get CPD points?

Why do Leaders now have to keep their CPD up to date?

How does this fit into the Update Scheme?

Over the next few months we will be providing you with further guidance on how you can consider your individualised development, as well as how to check your current points and how to upload new learning and development episodes.

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