New Club Activity Assistant Endorsement Launched

Club activity assistant

The Club Activity Assistant is an exciting new Endorsement aimed at supporting club and volunteer workforces. It is targeted towards volunteers within The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and Home Nation affiliated clubs and has been designed to help support and develop the range of activities a club offers. It targets support and training for current or new volunteers as clubs require.

The role aims to engage individuals of all paddling abilities to deliver or support specific sessions on and off the water at The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and Home Nation affiliated clubs.

The nature of sessions or activities will depend on the needs of the club where the Club Activity Assistant is based. Examples of activities include, for example; training sessions, practice sessions, taster sessions or carrying out specific roles during club events.

The Club Activity Assistant role will be specific to a particular session in a controlled environment, most likely where sessions are repeated on a regular basis, for example warm up lead or slalom session timer. The type of participants Club Activity Assistants will work with could include young paddlers, adults, disabled paddlers, beginners of all ages or more experienced paddlers, depending on the needs of the club.

CANI will be launching Phase 1 of the Coordinator Training Programme in June with Clubs that are CANI Clubmark or working towards the CANI Clubmark.

Phase 2 of the programme will be launched in the Autumn for all CANI affiliated clubs.

Follow link for further information on the Club Activity Assistant

Please contact Rodger Hamilton on 07747794343 to discuss the Club Activity Assistant Programme.

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