New BCAB Tutoring eLearning

British Canoeing Awarding Body is delighted to launch the NEW Tutoring in the Paddlesport Environment (TPE) eLearning.

This eLearning focuses on providing high quality tutoring in different settings, aligned to our educational philosophy. There are activities to explore including roles and responsibilities, individualisation in a group setting, and online tutoring  . It’s full of great information to help both new and experienced tutors consider their current practice.

The eLearning takes around two to complete, and we would encourage reflection between the activities. There is also an optional activity that encourages either devising a new session plan or changing an existing one based on the learning. The TPE eLearning will count as 10 CPD points, once completed, and will be added to your National Association record.‘Anyone involved in providing paddlesport activity will understand the importance of learner engagement, whether you deliver coach qualifications, leader and safety training courses or personal performance awards. This eLearning is designed to provide clarity of our responsibilities as a tutor, as well as explore the finer points of tutoring in a paddlesport environment’ Lee Pooley, Director of Coaching & Qualifications.

The NEW Tutoring in the Paddlesport Environment (TPE) eLearning and you can access the eLearning from the BCAB store and via the Digital Library.

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