National Go Canoeing Week with Bryson Lagansports

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Titanic Maritime Festival

Bryson LaganSports were delighted to team up with Belfast City Council to provide paddle sports activities as part of their Maritime Festival during the Go Canoeing Programme.  This was a fantastic opportunity for absolute beginners and novice paddlers to sample a taster session in either an open canoe or a bellboat, under the professional guidance and support of Bryson LaganSports’ Instructors.

Over the course of the three day event, almost 1,100 adults and children thoroughly enjoyed the glorious weather and the opportunity to get out on the water and experience paddling, whilst at the same time availing of the opportunity to see Belfast’s sites from a different perspective!

A huge thanks to our team who worked tirelessly over the 3 says and also to Belfast City Council and the general public for their support.  We will be back next year!

You can register now for our Kids Activity Camp during the summer holidays offering a range of water and land based activities in the heart of Belfast.

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