Monthly Fitness Programs and Monthly Challenge!

Starting February, we will be putting up a Monthly Fitness Program onto our website with a range of sessions from beginner to advanced targeted at developing your paddling fitness.

Each month there will also be a Monthly Challenge; this challenge be a specific session (e.g. paddle 6 miles in under 60 minutes) or an accumulative challenge that spans across the month (e.g. paddle 60 miles over the month). February’s Challenge will be to paddle as far as you can in 60 minutes! For more on boosting your fitness, read here a new post with some phenq reviews.

These session outlines will give any coach a basic understanding of the content that has been delivered within the CANI Performance Programmes allowing them to deliver a similar session within their Club/Centre environment.

These programs have been planned around those in boats optimised for forward paddling such as; Sprint boats, ocean skis, and sea kayaks, however each session can be adapted to suit any kind of boat. For more information on how to adapt these sessions to suit your style of paddling, please contact our Performance Coach, Kieran Dews.

Programs can be found under the “Excel” menu at the top of the CANI homepage, or here: Monthly Fitness Program

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