Monthly Fitness Program

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Have you ever wondered what a training session in one of the CANI Performance Programmes looks like?

To help drive interest in the Performance Disciplines and get more Clubs/ Centres delivering performance content, CANI will upload a new training outline every month with a range of sessions from beginner to advanced targeted at developing your paddling fitness.

Each month there will also be a Monthly Challenge; this challenge be a specific session (e.g. paddle 6 miles in under 60 minutes) or an accumulative challenge that spans across the month (e.g. paddle 60 miles over the month)

These session outlines will give any coach a basic understanding of the content that has been delivered within the CANI Performance Programmes allowing them to deliver a similar session within their Club/Centre environment.

These programs have been planned around those in boats optimised for forward paddling such as; Sprint boats, ocean skis, and sea kayaks, however each session can be adapted to suit any kind of boat. For more information on how to adapt these sessions to suit your style of paddling, please contact our Performance Coach, Kieran Dews.

For those coaches who are interested in learning more about how to deliver performance content within these disciplines please look into the Discipline Support Modules.

Monthly Challenge

60-minute challenge! Paddle as far as you can within 1 hour. You sprinters and marathon paddlers out there, aim for 10-12km!

This Month’s Training Program

0218 February Club Training Program

Understanding session notation:

As you will see in the Training Program, each session is written in a kind of shorthand; this is to make each session quick and easy to read.

For example; a session may read as “2x(5x4min@L4/1min rest)/2min rest” which is interpreted as 2 sets of 5 repetitions of 4 minute efforts at Energy Level 4 with 1 minute rest between repetitions and 2 minutes rest between sets. The typical format for sessions is;

“no. of sets X (no. of repetitions X effort duration @ effort intensity / rest between repetitions)/ rest between sets”

Effort intensity will typically be either written as Strokes Per Minute (spm) or at a set Energy Level. The guide for Energy Levels can be found below; it has a lot of data in it outlining each Energy Level however focus mainly on the “Exercise Time to Exhaustion” column as a reference to your level of exertion for a given Energy Level.

Energy Level Zones

Previous month’s training programs: