Mary Peters Trust Event


This year the Mary Peter’s Trust have been lucky enough to be partnered with the Victoria Centre as their chosen charity. The Tall Ships are arriving into Belfast in July so they have decided to run a Water Themed Event, this is where CANI comes in, we have been asked to provide a demonstration event on Sunday the 28th June from 1pm to 6pm.

Our aim is to create a spectacle on the day to draw people in and engage them. To do this we are going to bring the Paddle Machines down, some boats down and other paddling related equipment to help drum up as much attention as we can. This will hopefully help raise money for the Charity and promote Canoeing to the masses.

CANI are looking for clubs and members to come and volunteer an hour of their time to help us out during the day. We need people to engage with the public and get them enthused about getting involved with paddle sport.

Mary Peter’s Trust has strong links with CANI with many of our athletes in both Surf and Slalom having received funding to help pay for them to go to World Championships and many other events.

I know there is not a lot of time but we want to try and make this a showcase event for Canoeing in Northern Ireland.

If you are interested in helping out get in touch with our Talent Officer Matt McKnight on +447887404006 or

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