Lough Erne Recreational Paddle – Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th May 2014

While the rest of Northern Ireland was covered in pink for the Giro D’Italia, 9 paddlers were setting off for their paddle covered by grey skies. We paddled from Share Holiday Village up past the Water Mill and on to Knockninny Quay for lunch. During lunch the grey skies left and the weather picked up for a pleasant afternoon. After lunch we had a nice paddle with the wind behind us the whole way to Trannish Island for our night in the bothy. Throughout the days paddle all the coaches shared their top tip and handy hints with one another.
After some food everyone had a night socialising in the bothy due to the heavy rain that was persistent for most of the night.

Lough Erne Recreational Paddle

Lough Erne Recreational Paddle

On Sunday everyone packed up and got ready to paddle back to Share. The paddle back consisted more of sailing than paddling due to the excellent tail wind pushing everyone along. Everyone had an enjoyable trip and look forward to the next recreational paddle. CANI would like to thank Shooter for the loan of 3 open boats, Erne Paddlers and all the coaches involved in running the Erne Recreational Paddle.

George Marshall

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